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Connections Stewardship Group LLC is a ministry that helps congregations and other nonprofits fund their mission. We specialize in Capital Campaign and Debt Reduction Appeals (Mission Freedom). Recently, we have created the

innovative Mission Forward.

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Our primary focus at Connections Stewardship is our Mission Forward Appeal. Especially now, as congregations are recovering from reduced attendance and financial giving, the Mission Forward is a creative way to dramatically boost income.

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Sat on the Rocks

In challenging times such as these, perhaps the Connections Stewardship's “Mission Freedom” Appeal might be the most important for you. This campaign utilizes the same process described in the Mission Forward Campaign. 

Church Pews

Connections Stewardship is now offering an “old school” concept that we are calling “Residential Stewardship.” This is an option for any church that chooses to work with Connections Stewardship.

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Faith Development Programs

The Capital Campaign is the “bread and butter” program for most stewardship companies. When a congregation is growing and needs to build, or have an existing building that needs refurbished, a high percentage of them call on professionals and ask for help.

Prayer Group

Connections Stewardship's Creative Giving and Biblical Stewardship: The key to fundraising campaigns for churches is how the process is deeply connected with Biblical teachings and a spiritual emphasis.

Flexible Payment Planning

Can you afford the Mission Forward?

In short, the answer is “Absolutely yes!!” The better question is: “Can you afford NOT to raise new funds for your church’s mission?”



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