Connections is a ministry that is dedicated to partner with congregations and other faith-based organizations to provide the desired funding for their mission. We specialize in helping churches clarify their vision and then make strategic decisions that will help them secure the necessary money to accomplish their goals.
Connections Stewardship has veteran leaders who can give your church or organization both the personal attention that you want along with the seasoned professionalism that you need.

Connecting With Your Mission
Sharing in your mission is what we do best! Many churches see the obstacles to conducting a Capital Campaign rather than imagining the wonderful blessings that could result from a generous response. Connections is highly skilled and experienced. We can take away the fear and uncertainty of a campaign and efficiently walk you through the process with grace and joy. We have decades of combined experience in over 150 projects and have helped raise over $200 million. There is a connection between money and mission and we will help you make it with spiritual depth and biblical integrity.
Connecting With Your Vision
A Connections-led funding campaign puts your vision into motion! Eventually talk must turn into action. Each congregation has a unique plan for its ministry. Some churches need new facilities to expand ministry or to accommodate new programs. Other congregations need to find "mission freedom" through debt reduction. Some churches have a vision that is held back by inadequate facilities or a lack of staffing. There are more and more communities of faith that have a "wish list" of 5 or 6 projects which could be bundled together into a creative Mission Enhancement campaign. Let Connections help you expand your vision!
Connecting With Your Message
Connections seeks to be your stewardship faith partner! We are led by Senior Partner, Pastor John Cross, a man whose greatest gift is his ability to help people connect their faith and their generosity. Giving is, first of all, a spiritual matter. When the Apostle Paul was seeking funding for mission projects, he explained why the Macedonians, a poor people, were so generous: "And they exceeded our expectations: They gave themselves first of all to the Lord, and then by the will of God also to us." (2 Corinthians 8: 5)

What we do:
✞Resource Assessments (Clarify the Vision and Discover Giving Potential)
✞Capital Campaigns (Fund Building and Renovation Projects)
✞Mission Enhancement Appeals (A Hybrid of Capital and Ministry Projects)
✞Mission Freedom Appeals (Debt Reduction)
✞Annual Giving (Increase your Ongoing Mission Support)
✞Communication Packages (Graphic Design and Video Production)
✞Legacy Gift Development (Planned and Deferred Giving)