1. Erin Byrne
    Erin Byrne
    Graphic Designer
  2. Pastor John Cross
    Pastor John Cross
    Senior Partner
  3. John Mecklenburg
    John Mecklenburg
    Planned Giving Specialist
  4. Mick Manne
    Mick Manne
    Communications Specialist
  5. Anthony Manne
    Anthony Manne
    Technical Director



The Connections Team
Connections' Team of professionals is comprised of highly skilled individuals who understand that every campaign is unique. We approach each congregation with humility and fervent prayer, knowing that our partnership is, at the same time, professional and personal. We will provide leadership all the way through the process.
Most churches do not have the staffing to take on a major fund-raising project. In the midst of your already busy schedule, Connections will help you give appropriate focus over a short period of time to assess your current stewardship environment and then provide you an easily followed road map with all of the steps to help you accomplish your goals.